About Kate Roux

Kate is a passionate Occupational Therapist with the desire to empower individuals to achieve their full potential in life. She has work experience in both the government and private sector. Kate works effectively in a multi-disciplinary team, is adaptable and has the skills to be creative, regardless of the resources available.

Kate is actively involved in the organization of events and implementation of projects within the health sector that are designed to help others perform daily tasks independently and engage with others in the community. She co-manages a geriatric group therapy program, called THRIVE and has a passion for providing OT intervention to geriatrics and clients with neurological conditions.

She finds it meaningful to provide insightful recommendations for home adaptations to persons suffering from stroke, traumatic brain injury or arthritis as well as to provide caregiver training to ensure client’s receive high quality care.

Kate has completed courses in various topics including Spinal Cord Injuries, Medical Fitness to Drive, Spasticity Management, Medico-Legal Assessments, and Teaching patients with stroke optimal use of the affected arm.

In her leisure time she enjoys sharing quality time, relaxing, with family and friends and spending time in nature.