Yashmita Ramsundar

Yashmita is a passionate and driven occupational therapist who studied at the University of Cape town. She has always been passionate about the medical field and chose Occupational Therapy as a key element in changing people’s lives for the better.

Having worked in multiple public health and private health facilities, Yashmita’s experience helps her work across a variety of mental health difficulties as well as physical rehabilitation. Upper limb and mental health rehabilitation are at her core.

Yashmita’s work with elderly patients is a further passion. Working with those clients in their golden years has been a key experience for her as it truly fulfills her holistic therapy approaches and techniques which encompass her life cycle approach to therapy. She currently runs the THRIVE community groups for the elderly in the community as well as the dementia and frail care groups at senior citizen lifestyle facilities.

Yashmita has completed courses in upper limb rehabilitation ,neuro-cognition as well as mental health courses and is currently looking at perusing a master degree in occupational therapy.

Yashmita enjoys cooking and exploring new culinary techniques as well as reading & exploring the corners of the Twittersphere.