About Madelé Stroebel

Madelé’s passion for Occupational Therapy ignited in her teen years after shadowing an Occupational Therapist doing spinal rehabilitation. Although she has gained other interests along the way, physical rehabilitation still lies very close to her heart.

One of her interests that has grown over the years is geriatrics. Madelé has always felt socially responsible for the elderly. Since a young age, some of her dearest friends were her grandparents and her elderly neighbours. Madelé is working in a multidisciplinary team with psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses and has gained valuable knowledge and skills working with elderly related illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. She believes that proper caregiver training is key to taking care of the elderly.

Besides geriatrics, Madelé also has a special interest in the fields of assistive equipment and neurological rehabilitation. Madelé finds it satisfying to make pressure garments as scar management for burn survivors.

She is a highly driven individual who thoroughly enjoys what she does. Madelé enjoys a challenge and feels it is satisfying to find a solution where there isn’t a clear-cut method or answer.

Madelé has received the following rewards in 2018:

  • Award for the best results in Vocational Rehabilitation field of Occupational Therapy, 2018
  • Department of Occupational Therapy award for the best student project in the Service Learning Fieldwork, 2018

In her personal time she enjoys crafts, sewing and embroidery. She also does woodwork and challenges herself while building puzzles.