Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Healthy Lifestyle

Psychiatric rehabilitation is an aspect of treatment that focuses on helping the person suffering from a mental illness to return to an optimal level of functioning and to achieve their life goals.

Not all persons with mental illness require rehabilitation. For many patients, medication or a combination of medication and therapy is sufficient to help them get back to a functional life. For some others, rehabilitation may be that essential part of the treatment cycle.

The rehabilitation process focuses on:

  • Assessing what the person is capable of (their skills, strengths and abilities)
  • Accepting the limitations caused by the illness
  • Identifying the environmental aspects influencing or facilitating a return to a functional life
  • With a thorough understanding of these aspects, an Occupational Therapist can identify what support the patient needs in order to get back to a functional life.

We provide the following services:

  • Establish a healthy lifestyle with effective habits and routines
  • Plan and implement a meaningful activity that will improve your well-being
  • Implement a healthy personal care program
  • Stay well at work
  • Learn evidence-based strategies for managing sleep, stress, fatigue or pain
  • Make changes that will enhance your enjoyment and satisfaction with life
  • Make a practical plan for moving forward in life