About Cindy Kaschula

Cindy is the owner and manager of MC Occupational Therapy. She completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch in 2009. She is Workwell trained and has completed several driving rehabilitation courses.

She has a passion for working with adults and geriatric clients. Cindy has a special interest in neurological disorders, geriatrics, cognitive rehabilitation and psychiatric rehabilitation. She has completed medical fitness to drive courses and can assist clients with Functional Capacity assessments.

Cindy believes that building a supportive relationship with the client and their family will help facilitate a better and smoother rehabilitation process.

Cindy works within a multi-disciplinary team at Headway Gauteng. It is here that she has gained valuable experience in group therapy. Cindy is also part of the Memory Care team at Akeso Clinic, where she has gained experience in geriatric care, as well as the treatment of psychiatric conditions. She co-manages a geriatric group therapy programme called THRIVE.

She is part of the following professional associations:

  • Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA)
  • Medical Protection Society (MPS)
  • Southern African Neurological Rehabilitation Association (SANRA)

Cindy enjoys art and painting, as well as cycling. She greatly values spending quality time with her friends and family. She also supports the Bone Marrow Foundation as well as Rare Diseases South Africa.