Positive ageing

As people age, our bodies and mind experience drastic changes. This is evident in our bone density, muscle strength, energy levels and endurance abilities as well as our thinking skills and memory ability.

For many elderly people, these physical and mental changes can make it difficult to engage in daily activities such as walking, eating and bathing. Oftentimes, when people struggle to perform an activity, this may lead to emotions such as frustration, anxiety or helplessness. An inability to perform basic daily tasks may also lead to the person not attempting to participate in other aspects of life, such as family gatherings, events and hobbies. This can quickly lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

At MC Occupational Therapy, we can assist with the following:

  • Adapting your home – to ensure safer living spaces
  • Fall risk assessments and education
  • Equip the elderly with skills or techniques to keep managing their everyday tasks
  • Issuing assistive devices to regain or maintain independence in daily tasks
  • Planning and implementing a stimulating weekly program
  • Encouraging and facilitating social involvement in your community
  • Live your life confidently by adjusting to changes in thinking and memory
  • Family and caregiver training

It can be difficult to admit when we are suffering from health problems, and very easy to ignore them altogether. But seeking help sooner rather than later will help you to address an issue and overcome it with more ease.

If you believe you or a loved one needs help with positive ageing, contact us to schedule an appointment.